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HTop Mg/Fe/B – conventional use

Htop-MgFeB It is a liquid deficiency corrector made from amino acids from hydrobiological resources and chlorophyceae marine algae, it contains; Magnesium, Iron and Boron in a balanced balance, totally soluble and assimilable, complexed and chelated with fulvic acids, polycarboxylic acids and lignosulfonates, obtained through our BIOCAT-EC technology.


It is a product with a high stimulating power of the metabolic activity in the plant, since due to its content in algae ferment it provides natural phytohormones (cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins, etc.), vegetable amino acids and carbohydrates (alginic acid, mannitol , betaines, etc.) that once applied in the culture penetrates the plant tissues affecting the physiological processes of the plant, stimulating vegetative development and favorably affecting sprouting, both in the quantity and quality of the shoots to prepare to the plant for flowering.



  • Technical Sheet: click HERE.


Htop-MgFeB It is a product that also contains fish amino acids and biologically active substances. The action of amino acids complements the beneficial effects of algae on crops, providing nitrogen and protein substances, so as to avoid the extra energy expenditure that the synthesis of amino acids supposes to the plant.

En otros beneficios tenemos:

  • Estimula el metabolismo de la planta mejorando su vitalidad, productividad y recuperación frente a situaciones de estrés (trasplante, sequias, hídricos, heladas,granizo, viento, plagas, enfermedades, etc.).
  • Improves seed germination.
  • Stimulates vegetative development.
  • It improves sprouting, both in number of sprouts, quality, elongation and strength.
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